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Key-Note, Dinner-Speech, Motivational Speech,… no matter whats your working title: here you'll find a perfect match for the topic:

Successful Negotiation


Bespoke negotiationseminars for you and your company. Taylormade to your needs. With fast and lasting success.

Better Negotiation

Negotiation Rescuer

Focused and individual support für your negotiation success.  Personally and tangible. For you and your negotiating team.

Confident Negotiation

You are what you negotiate for!

 Anything you will ever be or have is in your very own negotiation. 

Wolfgang Bönisch

Expertise through experience and knowledge

I have been dealing exclusively with negotiation and negotiation success for many years. For my clients, I develop the right solutions for any respective negotiating setting. Individuall<, effectively and goal-oriented. Regularly I attend negotiations which are really about something. Together with my clients, I develop new negotiation strategies and provide negotiation training and negotiation coaching for implementation.

As Negotiation Rescuer I saved some million Euro for my customers during the past years

Life Stages:

  • Police-Officer in Baden-Wuerttemberg
  • Telecommunications / IT department in the Ministry of the Interior
  • Abitur and studies of economics with a degree as Diplom-Kaufmann
  • Sales career in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Self-employed as a coach, speaker, consultant and coach


In my speeches, I get the listeners out of their comfort zone and put the nucleus for a positive change. As a Speaker, I impart exciting content, stir emotions and change the perspective.


The following Key-Notes are ready and available in English as well as in German language.


Poor negotiation results are no fortuity!

They are the result of careless preparation, a wrong attitude towards the negotiation and to the negotiator on the other side of the table. They are an indicator of a lack of power balance and the lack of ability to handle it adequately.

Excellent negotiation results are no fortuitiy either!

If both inner and outer attitude (posture) are in positive harmony, you will achieve more. Build up your might and counter any attack, shameful demands and unfair tactics with a strong attitude.

How you build up the right posture, how you gain control, how you are countering attacks: this is the nucleus for your future negotiation success.


8 Steps to better results in any negotiation.

Skillful preparation with focus on the most important points: for a better negotiation experience.

Tools for your negotiation, which actually work and are easy to implement: for a better negotiation result.


You are what you negotiated for!

What keeps you back from negotiating the results you want? Why do you give in more than you want and need?

“We negotiate: every day, everywhere, for a lifetime.” I already wrote this on the cover of my first book. But with whom do we negotiate, who is the most obstinate in the daily negotiations, how to lay the foundation for excellent negotiation results with buyers, sellers, service providers, banks, employees, boss, ….

For the life you deserve!

Negotiate at the LIMIT

Under pressure, with fears, with a vague mandate negotiating leads quickly to the limits of our every-day abilities. At the edge of the comfort zone, we are scared back and prefer to make a concession to get out of it.

Learn how you can effectively move your LIMIT to achieve better negotiation results. Fast and durable!

Successful sales negotiation in competitive industries

You have to deal with powerful buyers? With large companies and groups that impose their conditions on you and leave you with little air to breathe?

You are fed up of the devaluations and humiliations?

In this presentation, I will give you concrete solutions for better negotiation results.


Negotiation Seminars

You want better negotiation results in your company? Your sales teams are negotiating regularly and should be improved? Your buyers should negotiate better results?

A tailor-made training for your current needs. Inspired from my work as a negotiation rescuer. Familiar with pretty much every conceivable situation in negotiations. This is the strong foundation for my negotiation training.

My seminars are really about NEGOTIATING. As for annual talks, discount claims, annual percentages, claims, penalties, new customers, inventory suppliers, sales, purchasing, key account, leadership, relationships, long-term ...

My industry experience: Wherever it is hot, where it is about power and powergames, where it is about big sums and big egos.

As of today, I have delivered seminars in English language in several countries all over Europe. For mixed team I do bi-lingual training as well.

Expertise from own negotiation experience - for more than 40 years​

Training: how do we get together?

Give me a call and briefly describe the situation. Or send me a message using the contact form. We will set up a phone call, in which we will discuss in detail a possible training project. Then you will receive an offer from me.

If you like my offer and we get into the business, I need at least 8 weeks lead time before the first negotiation training takes place.

Offene Verhandlungsseminare finden Sie hier>>>


Solutions for your specific problems in acute negotiation situations

The annual meeting is on and you expect massive price pressure?

There is a whole bunch of money at stake?

It is about All or Nothing?

From experience I know that negotiations are often acute with very short notice or take surprising new directions. That is why I am ready if you need support and concrete help.

Give me a call:



I support you in preparing the upcoming negotiations. Together, we find a working strategy for the negotiation, set up the negotiating team properly and work on the tools for a successful negotiation.

Learn more>>>​


Also known as Ghost-Negotiation or Shadow-Negotiation.

Together we will prepare the upcoming negotiations. Whether you are alone, or a team.

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You and your current needs are at the center of interest. We identify weaknesses in strategy and behavior in the negotiation. We work out solutions and improvements.

For an Indivual or a Team.

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What my customers say:

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Danke ihr Vortrag im E werk war super”

über Xing (Rednernacht Köln)

“Der großartige Trainer...”

“...hat es hinbekommen in der knappen Zeit alle Aspekte von Verhandlungen kurz zu beleuchten und dann individuell auf die Problemstellungen der Teilnehmer einzugehen.

Harald Fischer
Sparda (Offenes Seminar)
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Die Erwartungen wurden voll getroffen”

Uwe Probst
IMS Gear (firmeninterenes Seminar)

“Unbedingt empfehlenswert”

“Schon am nächsten Tag konnte ich die Erkenntnisse gewinnbringend in der Verhandlung einsetzen.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Probably the best seminar ever”

Gordon Cliffton
Banker from London (Offenes Seminar in London)

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